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Our Love Spirit™ Vodka, internationally acclaimed and recognized, is a super-premium Swedish vodka bottled at 40% alcohol by volume to offer the purest taste possible. From the heart of the golden fields in southern Sweden, we select top-quality winter wheat. To this, we add the crystal-clear water from our spring in Malmköping, as pure and untouched as only Scandinavia can be.

Using exclusive yeast from our Malmköping Factory©, we distill the blend to 96% ABV to ensure a vodka of absolute purity and smoothness. The combination of high-quality Swedish wheat, selected yeast, and pristine spring water gives birth to a super-premium vodka at 40% ABV,

the finest vodka you will ever taste.

Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or as a magical ingredient in classic and creative cocktails for unforgettable experiences. Perfect on its own, in the company of

a friend, or for toasting with new acquaintances.


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