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Love Spirit™ Dry Gin is the essence of Scandinavian purity, with crystal-clear water from the Malmköping spring and top-quality wheat from the fertile Swedish lands. We combine this with Mediterranean juniper berries, selected citrus, and spices to create a premium gin, dry yet with a velvety finish. A distillate that encapsulates Swedish craftsmanship in our exclusive Dry Gin Love Spirit™.

The birth of the Gin & Tonic cocktail dates back to the use of quinine against malaria. Created by the British in India, the G&T combines tonic water, sugar, lime, and gin. With our Love Spirit™ Dry Gin, ice, high-quality tonic, and lemon, you create a balanced and refined tasting experience, perfect for any occasion.

In London, the historic capital of gin, we received the prestigious recognition as „Gin Of The Year™."


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