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At Love Spirit, our journey began amidst the vibrant energy of Gran Canaria, where a moment of celebration sparked a vision. We drew inspiration from the fusion of joy, purpose, and the diverse tapestry of life. Guided by this inspiration, we embarked on a mission to craft exceptional spirits and wines

that embody unity and passion.


From the golden fields of southern Sweden, we source the finest wheat, cultivating a legacy of quality that defines our spirits. Our crystal-clear spring in Malmköping provides water so pure, only nature itself can rival its perfection. With meticulous care, we blend this pristine water with carefully cultivated yeast, distilling to an impressive 96% ABV, and then harmoniously balancing to achieve the smooth essence that defines Love Spirit. Each bottle of Love Spirit is a testament to our dedication to excellence. 

Beyond crafting exceptional beverages, Love Spirit stands as a symbol of inclusion and unity. Our commitment to progress and diversity is a driving force, extending to all corners of the globe. We believe in the power of every sip to spark connection and create meaningful moments. Whether shared among friends or savored in solitude, Love Spirit is an invitation to celebrate life's diverse tapestry, one drop at a time.

As we raise a glass to you, our cherished companions on this journey, we invite you to experience the spirit of Love Spirit – a journey that transcends borders, embraces differences, and toasts to the shared joy of life.


Cheers to unity, passion, and the undeniable spirit that brings us all together.



100% LOVE

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